Family DVD

Every year since Will was born I have made a DVD of our family video clips, like these. (What on earth is the point of having a camcorder if you never watch/use the video??? That would make me insane! Esp. if I let the video pile up over the years. Yes, I completely acknowledge my OCDness over this; it's equal to my digiscrapping obsession.) It's like doing a video yearbook every year. I do our clips, and then I do a slide show of our best photos set to whatever songs had meaning to us that year on each DVD. Usually I make the DVD in November, b/c I have each one run August-August. (Will was born in August, and then I figured that was a good standard, since that would fit into doing it by school years in the future, and it would also give me several months every year to get around to doing it for family Christmas gifts.) Four years in a row, I was golden.

Last year, JB bought me a new JVC Everio camcorder for my birthday, but we couldn't get the clips to work on our computer. We put off figuring it out. We put it off and put it off some more... I actually let it go for Christmas... Finally, I've started to stress myself out over the fact that it's 2010 and the 2008-2009 DVD is not done, so no more putting it off.

I always think this DVD is such a pain to sit down & start, (and it totally is for the two days (better than the two weeks it took 5 years ago for the first one!) that I devote to making it,) but after it's done? It is AMAZING! I know I have my scrapbook & website photos, but this video floors me every year. I am *always* shocked at how much younger the kids act & sound at the beginning of each one. I always think that I have remembered them accurately, but I totally never do! My memories of them then are too colored by who they have become since.

Will & Annelise LOVE watching them, too! First off, they see themselves on TV! Then they get to relive all of the cool things we've done and see all the people they love - most of whom don't live anywhere near us. It's just priceless. I am so thankful to have these movies!


  1. i hope you are able to figure out the new camera/computer issue! i think its a great idea and what a wonderful way to keep video/footage from piling up! so smart and i might steal that idea in the future! :-)

  2. It was a huge pain, but we DID figure out the free program we needed to download to make them work. WOOHOO! And now I need to stop ignoring the new camcorder, since I know it WILL work for us. :-)

  3. Also, I don't want this post to put guilt on anyone who has tons of footage that's collecting dust! I truly don't mess with ours ALL year - only the couple days I make our movie.

  4. That is a fun idea. We mostly have little video clips from our digital camera and now we have a flip. It should be easier. I have yet to do a dvd. When Ava was born, my husband convinced me to get a new computer so we could have a dvd burner...go figure.

  5. It will be SOOOO easy, if you already have all the individual clips! Just line them up in order, add some titles explaining what/when/where and burn!


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