Valentine's, Chinese New Year, & Daytona

Valentine's has never been a big deal to me & JB. We spent our first few dating Valentine's Days apart, (the first one, I was living in Germany & he in Wisconsin!) so that kind of set a precedent for us being low key. I never put expectations on it, but this weekend has been tremendous! Last night we had a date night to see the movie Valentine's Day at our favorite movie theatre that serves dinner & drinks to your seats during the show, which makes it feel even more special. I was trying not to build the movie up too much in my head, b/c usually movies with a bunch of stars rely on the starpower to carry them with no quality script; but this was actually charming! We both really enjoyed it.

This morning, JB gave us all gifts! He gave Will another knight on horseback for his big castle set that he got for Christmas and Sissy a giant stuffed teddy bear, (which cracked me up after seeing the movie last night, b/c he bought it even before we went out!) She is in total love with this bear - it's blonde, almost as tall as she is, and sooo soft! She actually gave him a name right off the bat, too: Peyton Mayonnaise

Have you ever heard anything more adorably hysterical???

I received the two most perfect cards, and JB found the last box of my absolute favorite Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries. (They *must* be Cella's, with the 100% liquid centers - no white stuff in there! I would actually rather have these than Godiva truffles. Seriously.) I got JB two mp3 songs that he's really been wanting and that make him really happy. ("Say Hey (I Love You)" - which makes us smile & want to dance! - and "Hallelujah" - which has been stuck in his head & driving him crazy for over a month. k.d. lang was the last straw Friday night. :-P)

It was just such a happy, fun morning.

I'm also celebrating Chinese New Year today with bubble tea from my FAVE Asian restuarant, which was actually featured nationally in Family Fun magazine this month for it! I was so ecstatic to see the article for Joy Yee!!! (I'm sipping almond milk tea right now. Mmmmmm...)

And finally, not only is it Valentine's & Chinese New Year...but today is the start of the new NASCAR season, the Daytona 500. I grew up in the heart of racing...and absolutely despised it until Will turned our household into fans. I cannot even believe I am typing this out, but I'm actually excited & glad it has started back up. :-P Because the Redskins are my biggest sports passion, and Joe Gibbs (one of the Skins most legendary coaches) owns a race team, we root for all of his drivers: Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, & Joey Logano. I think it's ironic that I feel closer to home watching it now, when I never would have been caught dead watching it growing up. :-D (And I especially love having my kids hear the announcers "talk right". ;-))


  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend! i'm so happy for you! i hope this week turns into many more blessings for you. i often wonder if our children will turn us into sports people. clay and i just don't watch alot of sports on tv.. live is a different matter, but televised sports doesn't keep my attention. maybe we'll have a boy or girl who is a die-hard sports fan and will turn us all.. maybe, one day...

  2. oh - and i LOVE the huge teddy bear! i got a huge bunny rabbit one year for christmas and i still have it. i love annelise's name too, so cute!

  3. That's funny about NASCAR. I hated it living in Concord and detested the hoard of people that would come into town twice a year. My brother-in-law has worked in racing for years now and I find it less annoying since we don't live there anymore. Funny how perspective changes things.

  4. It really is amazing the way kids influence & change YOUR preferences & perspective! I know I put a lot on them, but they give quite a bit my way, too.

    Location does also totally play into it - whenever we don't live in the South, I become even more of an über-Belle!

  5. Did you grow up in Charlotte? My brother lived there for years working for the truck racing series with Hendrix Motor Sports. He left to be a DJ in Flint, MI. Charlotte is much better! He is actually trying to get on with a radio station back there... anyway, I grew up in racing as my step-Dad raced for the Arca class. Him and my Mom actually got married at Charlotte Motor Speedway (sounds very redneck I know but it was a nice ceremony actually). I never was into it just bc it was in my face all the time but now, I usually have it on in the background during season just bc it makes it feel like home.

    PS Love Mr. Mayonnaise! Too funny!

  6. Yep! I grew up in Concord, where the speedway is. :-) One of my BFFs had her rehearsal dinner at the Speedway Club, too. It really IS super nice!!!

    I always hated race weeks, b/c traffic was(is) such a nightmare, and I thought it was all just too redneck for words...but now I'm just like you! Even when Will's not paying attention to the race, I want it on in the background, b/c it feels like home. :-P

    Oooo, Flint...JB worked up there for about 6 months when we last lived in MI. (He had an hour & a half commute each way.) There is not enough money on the planet to make me choose to go back there. Prayers for God to send him & me both home SOON! :-)


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