The Sunny Side

The 8" of snow that we're supposed to get tonight have already begun to fall, but I noticed something while I was out earlier today, before it started. All of the houses on our side of the street had grassy yards, while all the yards on the other side of the street were still totally snow-covered. The way the sun shines on our street - when it's actually warm enough - our yards melt, while the shadows of the homes cover the yards on the opposite side.

Thank you, God, for letting me live on the sunny side of the street!


  1. we keep getting weekly snow falls added to our 2 feet (and three-feet long icicles!). enough already! fortunately, i'm finding that wearing sunglasses while driving helps. i'm also hanging up pictures of the beach near my kitchen sink - where i am 90% of my waking days. it really helps. especially wearing sunglasses while driving. even if it's cloudy... (of course our five straight days of sunshine and temps int he 40s today helped!)
    i promise you, sues - we'll be wearing tank tops and shorts again SOON!

  2. today, we actually went for a walk in the sun! it was glorious, especially knowing that we're due for more snow this week. i still like the snow, but i've never lived north of here so its all still new to me. i'm glad you live on the sunny side of the street too! yay for sun!

  3. I'm right there with you, Liz!

    Amy, I'm glad you got out & that you're not jaded over the snow, yet.

    It still brings me down like no other, but I'm very happy that we only got about 3" instead of the projected 8", so YAY!!!


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