Fairytale Prince

I loved this from Journey to the Cross today. All of us girls want the fairytale of a prince on a white horse riding in to rescue us:

Princes are easier to understand than God, and it's tempting to give our trust to whoever will fill those princely shoes. But we need our faith. Remember that God’s plans will not perish. Far beneath our logical selves, we need deep trust in the all-powerful being who lifts us up and who will reign for all generations.

My husband is my prince, but as much as I want him to have control over rescuing us and taking me home, I know our path is truly set by God. I have to keep praying that God shows my prince favor and sends us that white horse ASAP, please. :-)


  1. It's so neat how God keeps giving you something to hang on to on this journey of waiting. He keeps sending a word of hope and encouragment your way. you are blessed~ yet you are seeking him during this time and he truely is showing up through his word!!!!

  2. yes, may your white horse come quickly so you and your prince (and kingdom) may travel southward :-) it was a great devotional yesterday! and we keep waiting, quieting ourselves before the Lord, watching for the open door and the wonderful words, "this is the way - walk ye in it". it is coming soon! i know it!

  3. It *IS* coming soon!!! Standing together in faith!!!!!


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