Ariel Au Naturel

Annelise explained to me today that she wants give her Ariel barbie doll to Goodwill, b/c "She's always 'nekked.' She always takes her clothes off every time, even when she goes out to eat."

This coming from the girl who has instantly stripped every single doll she's ever gotten, (except for Babe, b/c - thank heavens - hers can't come off!) It took everything I had not to #1 - burst into hysterical laughter and #2 - pull the car over to make that my FB status. (I waited until we got to lunch. :-P)


  1. just make sure that she says "nekked" drawn out over several extended phrases as a good Southern girl should do. it should be said "neeeekkkkkkiiiddd". haha. that is hysterical! i can't wait to hear the things my little one will say once she starts talking... well, starts talking English anyway!

    Even more funny about FB! I get

  2. Absolutely! I encourage the Southern-speak at EVERY opportunity!!!

    I *love* the stuff that comes out of their mouths!!! It is so priceless!

  3. this made me laugh outloud! absolutely hilarious! i can just picture her saying it,too! they do say anything and she probably was being completely serious too! its nice having that reminder of our perspective sometimes. i wonder, "do i ever sound like that to God?" great perspective! love ya


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