Puppy Breath

On the "Puppies" episode of Zoboomafoo*, they explained that puppies have puppy breath from drinking milk, b/c they don't eat regular dog food, yet. Now every.single.time. my kids drink a cup of milk, they say, "I've got puppy breath! I've got puppy breath!" :-)

*One of my kids' favorite shows is Zoboomafoo on PBS Kids Sprout. (I actually had no idea they don't produce new episodes anymore!) Zoboomafoo is a lemur, which has now become their favorite animal. (Thank goodness there's a big lemur area at our zoo! :-)) We even occasionally say, "Mangatsika!" (a Malagasy (language of Madagascar) exclamation meaning "I can't belive my eyes! Amazing!") just like he does. :-P I like that it's not a whiny cartoon, and we LOVELOVELOVE nature shows. Our other current whole-family fave? Wild Recon on Animal Planet, where "Donald Schultz travels the world in search of rare species that may hold vital cures for deadly diseases." Fascinating!


  1. never heard of it, but it sounds divine! i can't stand children's shows where they whine and talk in baby-talk the entire time. i'm glad to know that pbs has (had) something like that on!

  2. I actually hate *MOST* kids' shows. :-P There are a rare few I can tolerate, and this one I do happily! :-)


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