Those Girls Waving

We were lucky enough to get to go meet JB for dinner at Salerno's close to his work, since the kids were really missing him, and it's for sure going to be a late work night. (Mmmmmm - giant slices with the perfect crust, and mine topped with fresh mozzarella di bufala, tomatoes, & basil chiffonade = heaven!) There were some young high schoolers in there - not acting up at all, but I noticed the girls had on cute plaid private school skirts.

As we loaded up for home after kissing Daddy goodbye, Will said, "Those girls were waving at me." I hadn't noticed, b/c my back was to them as we ate with Will in front of me, but of course I *love* my handsome boy garnering favorable attention, so I squealed, "Awww! Did you wave back?"

"No. I was scared." Heart. Melted. Completely.

"Awww, Buddy! You're going to have girls waving at you your whole life! They thought you were cute!"

"Why? Why are girls always going to wave at me?" (said with genuine innocence - how much longer will that last???)

"Because they like you and want to be your friend!"

*Major sigh of frustration* "I already HAVE too many girlfriends!!!!! I don't need any more! I have all of the girls at Sissy's tap, a few girls at school, just...ugh!"

"Well, that's OK for now! You don't have to have just one girlfriend, yet. Not until you're older." (Mixed feelings on giving him the green light to be a player right now! :-P) "After you're older and have had different girlfriends one at a time, you'll find one that you want to be your only girlfriend forever, and that's who you can ask to marry you!" (He's been very concerned the last few months with whom can he ask to marry him & what if no one wants to. I can't even type that w/o wanting to cry! He'll be the best catch any girl could dream of, and y'all know I am 100% objective! ;-))

"How old do you have to be to get married?"

"25" :-)

"How old will you be when I'm 25?"


"FIFTY-ONE!!!!! How old will LaLa [my mom] be? 190?"

"No!!! She'll be in her 70's."

"How old will Bonnie [our beagle] be?"

"Oh honey, Bonnie will be in Heaven then. Dogs don't live the same as people. They only live until maybe 15."

"OK." (I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I love how the topic of death doesn't upset him! It makes me so excited that already at 5 years old, he's confident in Heaven. :-D)

Tonight as I tucked him into bed, he said, "You know those girls?"

"The ones waving at you?"

"Yeah. Their skirts were this [demonstrates] long." Gulp. Uh, oh...


  1. this made me laugh out loud! poor little guy, it isn't too much longer before that innocence is gone. i think it is AMAZING how you talk so open and honest with him! that is paving a path that will be such a huge help later in the adolescent years! can i just tell you that you are a great mom!!! love ya

  2. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for saying that!!! It has always been really important to me to be very open & honest with them. I don't EVER want them to think that I am withholding anything. I can't imagine anything worse than a child not trusting that their parent is telling them the truth.


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