PS, re: our praying for change - God is moving!!! No concrete details, but we know that He is working for us. I'm praying that March is a month of good news!

PS, re: me never initiating playdates - um, I scheduled one. A big one. 7 friends + Will & Annelise @ OUR HOUSE next week = chocolate-dipped pretzel playdate. (I know, I know. Pick your jaws up off the floor.) I just felt so bad that the kids, esp. Will, beg for playdates, so I figured, let's do a big one and get me off the hook! A glutton for punishment, you say? I figure, I teach classes of this many kids ages 1.5 to 3 and 3 to 5 every week, so I think I'll survive. Plus, it's only two hours, and I already have all the chocolate to melt & pretzel sticks to dip.

PS, re: sloppy joes - LOVING that recipe! Everyone cleans their plate every time I make it! I've been making it as shepherd's pie lately: the sloppy joe meat recipe using ground turkey, mixed with peas, topped with mashed potatoes, and heated together in the oven. Mmmmm...

PS, re: my root canal - dare I say, it was the best thing that's happened to me at the dentist in years? It was 100% painless, and on top of stopping & healing a potential big problem, he made my smile BETTER! He whitened that one (my front!) tooth from the inside, (b/c it was dead, no number of whitestrips or bleaching trays would have made any difference on the outside,) so the slight discoloration that had bothered me for several years is GONE, and I think my smile is more gorgeous than ever! :-D

PS, re: The Bachelor - I think Jake is a coward for choosing NOT to be with the ONLY woman who challenged him to step up & be better than he already thought he was. I hope there really was no spark & that he didn't just think with his manhood.
And re: The Bachelorette - BIG BOO!!! She *quit* the show. QUIT! I don't root for quitters.
And re: Jason & Molly's wedding - Really?! As if we didn't all hate that situation enough last year? *roll eyes*


  1. you crack me up about your thoughts on the bachelor!

  2. great update! glad to hear that God is moving and i can't wait to hear the details! may the month of march bring answers to prayer and good news for your family!

    maybe this play-date will be a good experience in the long run since there might be a move sooner or later, you will be glad you had it!

    re the sloppy joe recipe, yeah, we tried it and loved it! i might make it again in the next week or so. thank you so much for sharing it!

  3. I hate that I watch that show, but I think it taps into my "shared experience" obsession - I love talking about it with friends. I was at a BFF's house to watch the whole Jason/Melissa/Molly night last year, and it was *fun* to get so outraged together. :-P

    YES! We really feel like God is moving for us right now. An awesome potential prospect popped up, so we're praying that if this is God's will, that He shows us favor & makes it happen! We'll see. No details, so nothing more to share, but VERY CONSERVATIVELY excited at the idea. Even if this one doesn't pan out, just seeing how God can work & bring something out of nowhere feels good.

    And we're on the same wavelength: I *did* feel the extra urgency to schedule this playdate in faith that something like this WILL work out. :-)

  4. Glad to hear you're doing a play date. You'll enjoy it! I mean if it involves chocolate... Re: bachelor--seriously! He will never make it with blond girl. ugh! Hope to hear good news on your situation soon! Praying for you.

  5. what recipe? looking forward to march for you then! :D I need to go to the dentist... YEAH for playdates, I don't do them either, but we like to go. lol.

  6. Here's the easiest sloppy joe recipe EVER:


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