Thumb War & Homemade Pizza

Sooooo, remember when I fell last month & caught myself with my hand? It's been 5 weeks, and my lower thumb joint still kills. I had no idea how much I actually do with my right hand! (I write left, but I think now that's about it!) I had to break down today and buy a brace for it, but I really feel like it's going to help. Add prayers of healing to the prayers of peace while waiting on God's will!

One of our happiest traditions when we lived in Georgia was making homemade pizzas on our pizza stone with fresh pizza dough from the Publix bakery. (Publix is *still* my fave big grocery store!) JB had absolutely mastered the art of the perfect pizza for us, but we got out of the habit when we moved to MI, with no Publix around and JB barely ever around, either. Tonight we're going to try to recapture the magic! We got dough at Trader Joe's (my fave smaller/speciality grocery! I've never tried their dough, but everything else they have is divine, so this should be, as well!) I have wonderful friends who make their own pizza dough from scratch, but when this is also freshly made (not in a packaged tin) for $0.99? Yeah, we're buying it. :-P I'm geekily excited for dinner!

Edited to add: It rocked!


  1. i LOVE homemade pizza! it is one of my favorite things to eat :-) we have a super easy pizza dough recipe if you ever want one - it makes enough dough for 2 pizzas. i'm so glad this venture was a success for your family! yum!

  2. ps - i hope your thumb gets better! my tendinitis in my Achilles is flaring up again and i can't walk without limping! i hope you find the pain subsides this week! love ya

  3. Thanks, Honey! My thumb feels good in the brace, but I don't know how it feels w/o it, b/c I haven't taken it off. :-) Trying for a week...

    I think we're officially back on a pizza kick! It was soooo good, we're definitely making MORE!


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