Sunday Singing

I don't think I have ever had a performing opportunity that has fulfilled me or made me as happy as singing on Sunday mornings. I am notorious for loving to perform, but despising rehearsals, (unless I am the star.) This last year on Praise Team has been the first time I have ever loved rehearsing as much as performing; and I think it's b/c every single time I sing these songs - no matter if it's for practice or the real deal - it means the same thing, and it feels so good. It's not about *me*, like every recital & theatre production I've ever done. This is bigger than me, and there's something very freeing about that.

Neil (our BFF & actually our pastor) took this clip on his phone early this morning during rehearsal. Just a tiny snippet, but makes me happy. :-)


  1. what song was that? you guys sound really great! love your outfit (btw) :-) what a blessing to have found a church home... i want that so badly.

  2. Thanks!!! I wish it had better sound, (& was looonger,) but not too bad for being taken on a phone! That song is "Lead Me to the Cross".

    Heehee! Thanks for the outfit love, too! Those are my fave boots & skirt ever! :-)

    This church has been one of the biggest blessings of MY LIFE!!! It will without a doubt be *the hardest* part of leaving this place one day, whenever we move next. I just never dreamed coming here that the pastor & his wife would be our BFFs and fave double-date buddies! :-)

  3. Love it! I know exactly what you mean! Nothing compares to the feeling you get on Sunday mornings when you're leading the congregation into the Throneroom of God...what a priviledge we have! So happy that God is using your gift to further His Kingdom:))


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