Will Says...

When we climbed out of the van at the post office yesterday, there were a bunch of Budweiser cans in the grass along the lot. (Odd, huh?) Will looked down and said with slight disdain, "Oooo! Kasey Kahne!"

[Hysterical that my son directly identifies corporate sponsor logos with their NASCAR drivers! Will & Sis both also call Home Depot "Joey's Store" and say "Denny's truck!" whenever they see a FedEx delivery truck.]

Will's been asking lots of questions about what all exactly is in Heaven lately, and I just keep telling him that it's better than anything you can imagine. Yesterday at breakfast, he announced emphatically that Heaven has greater candy than anywhere in the universe! :-)


  1. i would agree, heaven does have the greatest candy in all the universe and the best melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that will not make us all fat! i think he's right and i think there is joy in that. i love hearing about kid's ideas of heaven because their imagination can take us places that our adult minds have long-since forgotten. we are to become like a child, and so i say "yes!" to the best candy in heaven :-)

  2. I remember reading an article by Billy Graham once. A lady's dearly beloved dog had died, and she wanted to know whether he thought she would see her dog in heaven, even though she understood that animals do not have souls. His reply was that in God's wisdom and love, he would provide everything in heaven for our perfect happiness, and that may well include her precious companion. I do not have any idea anymore what heaven will be like. I just trust that God will provide something beyond any human imagination. As Grandmommy says, "It's just so beautiful over there."


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