Samples, Part One:

Wild Recon on Animal Planet is our #1 favorite family show, (followed very closely by The Amazing Race & Survivor.) Will & Annelise are obsessed with the host, Donald Schultz. He's from South Africa, so he has a funky Afrikaans accent, and his #1 mission on the show is to collect venom and/or DNA samples for conservation & pharmaceutical research.

The other day, Will kept going on and on about "sah-ffles" (like "waffles" with an s.) I was at a complete loss as to what he was talking about. He finally sighed at me with exasperation, "Like Donald Schultz, mom!!! He collects saffles from animals all over the world!" :-P

I explained Donald's accent and that he was really saying "samples"...but "saffles" just won't leave Will's brain. I was lamenting a bit the loss of all of his baby vocabulary, but now we have "saffles."

Samples, Part Two:

Here are two free coupons for AWESOME "saffles" of your own!!!

Click here & print this coupon for a free bag of Snikiddy brand baked snacks. I *lovelovelove* these things! Their pizza puffs are divine, and I'm anxious to try their new baked "fries". Their snacks are all natural, and you can click here to find where to buy them. The only drawback is that I think they are rather expensive, but with this coupon, you can get a free bag every time you go to the store now through May!!! (And I will!)

Click here & print this coupon for a free "deluxe sample of Too Faced Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara at a Sephora inside JCPenney". This is one of those things that I'd never buy on my own, (b/c I don't even regularly wear much make-up other than moisturizer with a little self-tanner, eyeliner, and - if I remember to put it on in the car - lip gloss.) But even though I rarely buy make-up or really use much of it, I love to play & experiment with it!


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  1. That little Will is all cute with his "samples". Cute story.

  2. The link for the Bare Naked doesn't work for me.

  3. Awww, I just checked & it looks like they pulled the coupon already. I printed off a ton yesterday, but I guess they were afraid everyone would do the same. :-P


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