4½ Year Old 1st Haircut

Annelise & I have a secret. Last Friday after her school, we got her VERY FIRST HAIRCUT! Yes, EVER! She's 4½ and I've never even trimmed her bangs. Truth be told, I didn't even really want to do it now, either; but after spending all summer in the pool, those (poor baby hair) ends really did need to go. I thought I was going to cry, (which is one reason we kept it a secret; the other was that it was *our* special girl thing!) I felt churny & a little sad up until the first cut, but Sis felt like a BIG girl! We went to L'esprit, so she got the full salon experience! :-) Our stylist did a great job, and her hair is still long & luxurious, (not a soul has noticed any length difference!) but her ponytails are cleaner & prettier. I don't think it was as exciting as *she* thought it would be, [no glitter, no nail polish (this time), no fancy up-do, no Sweet & Sassy] but I'm good with that. I'm not up for her begging for trims all the time now. :-P The most exciting part to her? They popped her some fresh popcorn in the waiting area. :-D


  1. She has such pretty hair! I love it! I'm sure she was excited for the experience. Did you keep any of the hair? My grandmother kept hair from my first hair cut. It was so soft and healthy--not so much now!

  2. Awww! Thank you, Love! Yep - I *did* keep a couple locks. :-) Will's is in his baby scrapbook, but I've got to decide where to keep hers, b/c my paper scrapbooks are totally done.

  3. you could buy a cute little jewelry case or something and put it in that :-)


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