Open House

This evening (before cheer) we had Will's new elementary school open house. He got to meet his teacher, and I actually LOVE her! (Sometimes I feel ridiculously picky re: whom I like personality-wise when it comes to teachers. They have all been absolutely competent, but I need a spark of joie de vivre. I wasn't bowled over by Will's first two, but I've loved his assistants, and Annelise's main teacher last year is the most wonderful woman ever! I wish we'd win the lottery & could pay her to follow us around & tutor the kids well into middle school! ;-) :-P) But honestly, I couldn't imagine being more excited for Will's 1st grade teacher right now. :-D

I couldn't get over the room - it is so colorful, comfortable, & cozy! There are wonderful window treatments, lamps, & comfy chairs in the corners. There's a reading nook exactly like in Montessori! (Will went right over, found a book about snakes, & read for 5 minutes. :-)) We found his cubby and box for his work, also just like Montessori. He got excited when he looked around the room: she has every single shelf & ledge decorated with gorgeous children's books & stuffed animals of their characters, and many are Will's faves: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Good Boy, Fergus, Guess How Much I Love You, etc. They have fish and two big frogs that they'll take care of, and they'll sit at little tables of 4. Will was so excited to find his seat:

We're new here, so we don't know anything really about any of the teachers...except for *THIS* one that he got: a couple families at the pool this summer went on & on about how she's the best, and she sets up a bank with them the 2nd half of the year where the kids can earn her special "bucks" and use them in a treasure box. Will - being the money-obsessed possible future banker - latched onto this and would not let go. All summer I tried to play it waaaaaay down, b/c we weren't even sure where we wanted to send him at first, and even after we did decide, there are at least four 1st grades - he had less than a 25% chance of getting this lady...but, as always, God worked it out for his best! :-D

JB couldn't make it from work :'( but he did break away for an hour to go to Annelise's Montessori parents' meeting (which was the same time as cheer practice & at which children were not allowed, anyway, so it worked for me to have the kids & him just go.) He's excited about her new teacher, too, which is always a good feeling! Excited for school to FINALLY start next week!!!