Scrapper Will

Will got the BEST project assignment from his [*AWESOME*] 1st grade teacher: we had to make two scrapbook pages (one 12x12 page, front & back) all about him - the people who live in his house & all of his favorite things. (We had to use the "My Favorite Things" paper provided on one side, and she also sent home a picture of the example page she did for herself. :-)) You know I was ALL OVER this one!!! :-D Unfortunately (or rather fortunately!) since I don't do paper scrapbooking anymore and the few materials I still have are all packed up in the basement, we had to go super basic. It was definitely for the best, b/c all of these materials were his - not any fancy schmancy embellishments or papers from a craft store. They were all pieces of his stuff, which is the coolest, I think. We cut up an extra Kyle Busch M&M's racing fan card he had, two old Tweetsie brochures, a zoo map, Toys R Us mailer, and VBS bookmark. He had a few of his favorite animal stickers and a ton from his Cars activity book. I had 3 photos printed at Target - our last Christmas card, which had 3 family pics in it, one with him playing his 3 sports, and another with friends & Bonnie Blue - so we cut all those up, too. I think this turned our GREAT! (You can click on the pics to see them bigger, although they won't be as clear as my digital pages are, b/c it's just a photo - not a high-quality file for printing. :-))


  1. this homework assignment would have KILLED me. :) Will is lucky he has a scrappin' mama to make him the best pages in the class (i'm guessing). :)

  2. It's funny you say that - we were so proud carrying it to the bus stop yesterday morning, and one of the other moms standing there saw it & said, "Oh, I *HATED* doing that with my daughter last year! Ugh, it was such a pain!" I thought to myself, "You've got to be kidding!!!" b/c of course it was the coolest assignment I'd ever seen. :-P Seriously, I still remember my FAVORITE thing I did all senior year of high school in AP English: we had to "decorate" our writing folders like this to tell about ourselves. (This was way before the scrapbooking craze!) Everyone else in the class stuck a few words or pics on there & were done...and I covered every inch of mine! I even remember getting my BMG CD music club mailer & cutting out all my fave album & musical covers - they were so small they filled every open speck. :-P (And now I have a crazy urge to try to dig through all the moving boxes in the basement to find my senior yearbook, b/c I stuck that folder in there, and now I really want to see it, again! :-P) HA!


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