Gym Mom

We started our gargantuan day with Sissy's first dance/gymnastics combo class. It's beyond perfect for us, b/c we all love her taking dance, but she wants to try gymnastics, too, and I know *nothing* about that. I want her to go ahead & start before she's old enough to get scared, like I was! I want her to be able to tumble, if she wants to, (and I don't want her to feel envious of those who can, like I do!) This covers all the bases, and the quality of instruction is solid. (Whew!) This combo class is also less than half the cost of what it would be for her to take these classes individually. (I'm still in sticker shock over the average price of dance classes around here. We paid $150 for ALL of January-May last year including recital & recital costume. The lowest I've found here is $100 for one 45-minute class every 8 weeks. Excuse me while I throw up a little bit in my mouth...)

ANYWAY, she LOVED it today, and I loved watching her! I watch Make It Or Break It, and I couldn't help but feel like I was one of those gym moms now. :-P