Turkey Call Queen

This morning we met my in-laws and went to a super cute farm center within a local park. It was wonderful! Will & Annelise had an esp. great time petting the Nubian & French Alpine goats,

seeing the hens sit on their fresh eggs in the hen house, [Liz, I wished I knew types! The only one I recognized was Araucana] and watching the Percheron horses get their tack on before they pulled us along in an awesome hayride.

On the hayride, Annelise made a nest (the hay was spread around, not baled) and announced that she was laying eggs. TOO CUTE! They also had the most precious 2-week-old piglets in the barn with their mom. I was amazed at how friendly they were! Their sweet little noses were so soft, and their light fur was still soft, too. Adorable.

I didn't think we'd EVER get Annelise out of there, (not that I was anxious to leave them, either.) Back outside beyond the hen house, I demonstrated a turkey call that would've made my dad proud! :-D It totally drew the gobbler over to me! [My dad was a big turkey hunter, and my brother & I used to listen to him get his turkey calls ready each time before he went. :-) He would've gotten a kick out of much I got the turkeys to talk back! (And nope - no clue *what* I was "saying". :-P I assume it was something like, "Hey, hot stuff!" b/c the hens seemed really jealous.)]

I spent this afternoon (as JB half slept/half watched football and the kids *finally* cleaned the playroom) sipping the BEST chai latte EVER while going over the songs I'm singing on Praise Team tomorrow morning at church (love Bebo Norman's "Nothing Without You") and selecting new cheers for Annelise's squad. Sweet productivity!


  1. Hi there! I'm just catching up on my blogging as I've been out of it for about a month. Sometimes you just need a break! Your life has been busy and filled with fun things! The pigs are adorable and so is your little girl (but in a different way than the pig...). Love her bow and such a sweet smile! Glad to hear the cheering is going well for y'all! Fun, fun!

  2. Yay for catching up! I'm so glad you took the time to scroll through & post! :-)

  3. totally random...but i love your daughters bows and hair! she is just a doll!!!

  4. Awww! THANK YOU!!!! I am obsessed with the hair bows - I have to make matching ones for every.single.outfit!


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