Tired Praise

I'm tired. Really tired. This new schedule is wearing me out - in a GREAT WAY! I *LOVE* being on-the-go non-stop like this - but home & IOP next week are shining like even brighter beacons than usual. I desperately wanted to finish the book I started in April, so I could read another next week, but my eyes are so heavy, and I can't focus my brain to read [more than a minute at a time, so obviously FB isn't impacted ;-)] when we're at home on the couch. :-P

Weekend highlights: Will scored his FIRST TOUCHDOWN in a football game on Saturday! And I got to sing Sunday morning, which really filled me up. :-)

Weekend lowlights: ...you know, I'm not going to go there. It's nothing earth-shaking, so why dredge it up?

That actually segues nicely into something I wrote down last week & wanted to share here. (Thank you, God, for organizing my thoughts for me w/o me realizing it. :-D)

Y'all know I love Joyce Meyer, and her "Power Thoughts" series last week was great. (Go back & watch an episode, if you have a few minutes! Click here and scroll across the bottom to get to "09/16/2010 - Power Thoughts - Pt 4" or get her free podcasts on iTunes.) I took these notes one day that I wanted to share. We can ALL use them:

* How is complaining different than praising the devil?

* The biggest praise we can give God is being content (emotionally stable despite circumstances while He works them out.)

* "I trust God completely & don't need to worry." (The people who say, "I'm just a worrier. That's just my personality," are burdening themselves for no reason. Your worries do not honor God; you're confirming you don't have your full trust in Him.)

So now that I've hit you, too, with that spiritual baseball bat ;-) I'm going to thankfully have a[nother] Sof'ella Sin-Free Fat Free Brownie that Annelise & I made today :-) and pass out as soon as JB gets home...
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  1. Ah - our family enjoys IOP! We live just outside of Charleston and make it to IOP a few times each summer. It's my first visit to your blog and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Oh, my heart! One day - God willing - we will get to be neighbors!!!! :-) Welcome!!!


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