Praise & Practice Pics

The good news & confirmations that we're making the right decisions keep on coming: two boys on Will's football team are IN HIS 1ST GRADE CLASS! Not just the same school - the same teacher! Along with his friend around the corner from our house that he just started playing with last week, too. This is incredible: to be totally new here, not really knowing anyone, and now finding out he will instantly have 3 familiar faces right off the bat on Tuesday? Super praise!

I did bring my camera to practice tonight, too:

Will playing QB

Will making a faux tackle (ripping a flag)

Will actually shook these two here & went on to score a touchdown!

Random funny:

We always look to see where the family of swans is in the lake around the corner from our house as we drive through our neighborhood. Tonight when I asked, "Do you see the swan family?" Annelise said matter-of-factly, "They're making babies."
(BTW - they were *not* making babies. She just likes babies. :-P)

Random happy:

I got the best compliment at Costco: the cashier had me repeat myself b/c of my "big Southern accent!" YAY!!! I feel like I have no accent, anymore, unless I'm at home in the South, talking to my mom on the phone, or watching Friday Night Lights, Paula Deen, or NASCAR. :-P

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, a friend of mine said I am "so Connie Britton" which just lit up my day all over again. :-D