Baby, You're a Firework!

We had a quiet, sweet 4th of July. I pulled something in my neck/upper back on Sunday, so I was (& still am) trying to take it a little easy. We opted to light 200 sparklers in our own [gorgeous, Spanish moss-covered!!!] backyard (& get the kids to bed on time ;-)) instead of going downtown for big, late-night fireworks, and they LOVED this!


  1. We did fireworks at home too. The kids actually asked to do that instead of going to see the big fireworks show. It made all of us happy.

    And I LOVE Annelise's dress. So cute!

  2. Thanks, y'all! Yeah - JB & I wanted to watch a movie Monday night, and had we gone out to fireworks somehwere that didn't end until after 10, no way would we have had time to do both; so sparklers & normal kid bedtime rocked our world!

    [PS, Shelley - that dress is $7 at Costco! ALL good things come from beloved Costco!!! :-P]


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