Holy Growth & Bday Questions

Oh. My. Gosh. Can you tell how much these Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars have grown just over the weekend???
I'll say it, again: best bday present EVER, so far!

So, yeah. Birthdays. Mine is in 2.5 weeks and Will's is in a month. I'm not one of those planning-3-months-in-advance moms. I'm not last-minute, either, but we haven't had 2 kids' birthdays in the same place in years, so what's the point? :-P I'm not kidding, literally years. Will's 5th was in Chicago, Annelise's 4th was in NC, Will's 6th was in MI, Annelise's 5th was here in GA. We're go-with-the-flow by necessity more than choice, but it's working for me. ;-) I'm thinking we'll either do the RiverQuarium (pricier & only a strict # of children & adults admitted; but yay for animals & all-inclusive) or a family trip to our zoo to use our special "behind the scenes" tour pass we got with our membership and then to Chuck E Cheese for friends (cheaper, no limit on people; but not nearly as unique.) Help! Thoughts??? I guess I should make a guest list first to see if we're over the RiverQuarium limit... Who all wants to come? :-D My mom is bringing her best friend [who also adores Will] down for that weekend on a girls' trip! So excited to show them all the perfectly Southern gift shops around here. Anyone else wanna come with?


  1. Fun!!! I would do the family thing and do Chuck E. Cheese...the RiverQuarium is cool too. What is the exact date? Will school be starting by the time his Birthday rolls around?

  2. I think it'll probably be on August 6th - his real bday, since his real bday is on a Saturday this year. His school doesn't start until the 12th, (Annelise is the 1st!) so no new school mates to factor in - mostly t-ball peeps. The RiverQuarium would be my fave, but it's strictly 15 people - I would need HARD CORE RSVPs. I just hate Chuck E sooooooo much; the kids love it, and it's not *my* bday, but UGH. (Plus, we've done it 3 times.)

    My sweet friend Jonnie had some other GREAT ideas, but nothing that works here. I wish our zoo here still hosted parties! (Not just renting the boring shelter beside the playground. Plus, I don't do purely outside parties - I don't want 100°+ or chance of storms creeping onto my stress radar. :-D)

    I also don't like having anything at our house, b/c I don't want to have to clean up before or after. That would suck every ounce of joy out of the occasion for me!

    I tried to let Will choose, but he said the Fun Park, which is NOT an option b/c it's not a good value for the age range of kids we'll have coming. Eh, maybe I'll decide by next week... :-P ;-)


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