Dancing Perfectly into Place

Y'all, I must be living right! [Side bar: I don't actually like that phrase. God loves me ALL the time, and even when I don't deserve His favor, He still gives me His grace every day. How "good" I am has nothing to do with it; His love is unconditional. *stepping off my soap box* ;-)] Seriously, everything has fallen so perfectly into place the last two days, I just want to shout praises of thanks for God working everything out!!! And to think, I could have thrown wrenches into every aspect... (Can't we all always???)

I have been stressing over getting all the kids' activities scheduled. I LOVE being an on-the-go mom, from activity to activity - I was MADE to be this kind of busy mommy. Once everything is confirmed, I am as happy as a clam chauffeur; but I *do* stress until we have a set schedule.

Football & cheerleading are going to take up a TON of time - at least 3 nights a week, (but both at the same times, which is the bonus of me being the cheer coach, so I can schedule my squad practices beside Will's! ;-)) Of the dance schools for Annelise that I have been able to get a schedule for, all of their Kindergarten dance classes run sometime between 5 and 6:30 PM = *not* OK when we'll have to be 15+ minutes north for football & cheer those same nights certainly no later than 6. Eeek! Dance is Annelise's #1 passion; I'm not going to have her miss out, again, but how would I swing this? *prayer prayer prayer*

There is ONE other dance school here that is supposed to be "the best" - the oldest & most established, the one that literally every other studio owner in the area grew up & learned in, the one most like the studio *I* grew up in. Problem? They have *ZERO* online presence - no website, no email, no FB, no hours, no nothing. Only a phone number - and we all know how I *don't* call anyone, ever. Well, I broke down a few weeks ago and called. I wanted to know how they compared to the other top contenders with websites who actually have their class schedule & tuition fees posted online. I left a detailed message; no reply...

I called, again, last week; no reply...

I was thisclose to huffily leaving one final message yesterday to the effect of, "I have called 3 times now, and if I can't get a response, I'll have to take our business to another dance school." Yeah, I was THAT peeved to be ignored. But, my manners (or my cowardice? or God saving our future! ;-)) couldn't let me go through with it. I called - for what I swore would be the last time - and got a real, live person on the line! Their open house is this week & next week, where all their dancers come in for shoes and to register; so we went over there today. After everyone is registered, they make their schedule; *BUT* b/c they are so established, they already have a solid idea of how it will run: they are the ONLY STUDIO who will offer an earlier class for Annelise!!! Like at 3:30 PM!!! I almost cried with joy. That was selling point #1.

#2 - For just $10 more a month than the other top contender, she gets DOUBLE THE DANCE: 2 classes a week: 45 min of ballet and 45 min of tap, instead of one split class!

#3 - For $20 more, she can also add a tumbling class that will be scheduled right after one of her normal classes! This means: no worrying about finding a different gym after cheer is over, no having to buy all different leotards or whatever the new place would require, and no complete additional registration & tuition at said gym!

She's going to get 3 classes all in the same spot at the best times I could possibly imagine for our schedule for less than it would cost her to take half as much dance at another studio and gymnastics in a whole different place. [It also works out to be the same amount we were paying last year for her dance/gym combo class - essentially the same thing, but now we also have double the dance for the same price!] I mean, it could not get any better for us there...

Or could it???

I mentioned I wouldn't mind being on their substitute dance teacher list, if they needed anyone, b/c while I couldn't commit to teaching full-time, it would be wonderful to be in the studio now & then...and they acted like that was the biggest godsend EVER! Apparently, they have an awful time finding subs!

THEN I asked if they offer any adult classes? Yes. Do they offer Zumba? No, but they would be *VERY* interested!!! :-O :-D I told the director I was planning to get certified this fall, and she said to let her know right away, that they would offer my class to all the parents & see if it would generate enough interest to run.

Joyous ALL AROUND!!! Every single class we wanted for Annelise at the perfect time and even potential teaching jobs for me! THANK YOU, GOD, for working all this business out for our best!