Happy Bday to Me!

I had a sweet family bday weekend! I woke up to snuggles on Saturday morning and getting to open a box that contained:
this replica of Jackie Kennedy's tanzanite bracelet that I fell in love with when I saw it in Charleston! ♥ I will be so glam!

I got my nails done [let's skip that part: worst Axxium application ever. Big bummer! Making it more painful, a group of BFFs also there were all getting pedis & having a big girls' weekend, which made me miss & long for all of my BFFs :'(] but then we had family swim in the backyard. :-)

Laura - BLESS HER! - offered to have the kids over while JB & I went to dinner & a movie Saturday night, so we jumped at the chance!!! Innovative dining experiences are, shall we say, limited (that's nicer than nonexistent) around here. [I have actually heard multiple people exclaim they love going on vacay to "get to eat at an Olive Garden." *shudder*] But we LOVE exploring, and we will almost always find something more than the same old same old. Enter Henry's Fine Edibles - it may be as top of the line as you can get around here, but it will certainly do just fine!

[Side bar: I totally don't mean that there's nothing good to eat out here! My goodness, y'all have heard me go on & on about our beloved lunch spots, there's abundant barbeque, we have a good pizza place, yummy Japanese, and we have better Mexican than we had anywhere up north - including Chicago. I only lament the lack of amazing, innovative, unique eateries, which seem to only make it in bigger metro & resort areas. I absolutely appreciate simple, good cookin'; but I also looove fancy flavor combinations, gourmet foreign dishes, and I'm fascinated by molecular gastronomy. I. LOVE. EATING. QUALITY. FOOD. (And I do despise most chains.)]

Henry's was delicious, though! We've wondered about this place for months: it never seems to be open, the hours on the door just say "Mon -Fri 3 PM, Sat" which is no help, and it's in a dumpy, run-down looking strip mall. Yet it's called "Fine Edibles"? Yes - yes, it is and they are. :-) We had fantastic crab cakes [that *almost* rivaled Hyman's in Charleston! WHAT?!?! I know!], baked potato soup, fried green tomatoes, sweet potato chips, perfectly cooked steak, and buttermilk pie! We got NOTHING at the movies - even JB skipped popcorn for maybe the first time EVER!!! It was the most full either one of us had been in ages... We hurt. :-P

We then saw Horrible Bosses - it was really raunchy...but hysterical! If it had been a vulgar comedy about people trying to hook up, no thanks. But this? The raunch was not the focus - it was these three friends and their relationships with their evil superiors = SO FUNNY!!! The cast absolutely made this movie work - they were perfect.

Sunday morning, JB made a Krispy Kreme run (we have a real, fresh KK bakery right down the road! KK's are the only doughnuts I'll waste calories on) and I actually ate one in bed. Decadent... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! :-D


  1. Souns like a wonderful Birthday! You will have to tell me more about Henry's becauae we haven't been there yet. We have been to their sister restaurants...HM and TC.

  2. Oh, this was Henry's Fine Edibles, not Henry Campbell's that The Catch & Harvest Moon guy own. REALLY excited to try Henry Campbell's at some point, though!!! Their menu looks just like what we've been looking for, too!


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