Help, My Nails

My friend, Michelle, shared this article by Vanessa Gregory in Food & Wine magazineThe Help: Southern Food. As if I needed anything else to get me excited about the movie version of one of my two favorite books of last year! (Sarah's Key = my other fave.) I am SOOO GLAD they went completely authentic, b/c y'all ALL know we'd notice if the food didn't look right. A Southerner's life revolves around FOOD! Mmmmmm...

Speaking of food, did y'all notice any airborne pork today? Well, I am sure there were some pigs flying around, b/c I actually spent almost all day CLEANING HOUSE!!! :-O I *never* clean, unless guests are about the ring the doorbell, (and we don't have any due for 3 weeks!) [Disclaimer: I do not abide food messes = UGH. But dust bunnies really don't bother us a bit.] I don't know where it came from, but I rode that fleeting mojo for all it was worth. :-P The whole house smells of bleach, the kitchen counter is clear like you see in magazines ;-), the bathrooms are fresh, and our king mattress is even flipped with clean sheets! Shut the front door!!! (And don't expect this to happen, again, until probably 2012... :-D)

Speaking of cleaning, it absolutely tore up my nails. :'( The bleach, the scrubbing...yeah, there's more than one reason I hate cleaning with every ounce of my soul. :-P [PS - I do have gloves somewhere, but shhhhyeah, right: like I'd remember to use them! ;-)] Busting out the Nail Envy after I post this to see if I can salvage them. (I don't do fake nails.)

Speaking of my nails, I want to Cherry Blossom them:
I like Glitterati, too, b/c I like ANYTHING that looks like a glitter bomb went off, but I wouldn't go through all those steps for that. :-P


  1. Sarah's Key is also made into a movie as well.

  2. Those nails are beautiful - and would last on my fingers for all of three minutes...

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Liz - I KNOW! It comes out next weekend, my bday weekend!!! Although I'm worried it won't come to this small town. :'(

    Tracey - That's why I hesistate to even put forth the effort! Maybe for my bday or when my fam comes for Will's bday 2 weeks later?


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