Silhouetted Helmets & Bags

I want to share a few of my latest Silhouette projects!

I monogrammed this lunch bag with two reusable sandwich bags for a school friend's birthday:
[The metallic silver doesn't photograph as well, since it's reflective.]

And what I'm most excited about: I am doing a bunch of the batting helmets for Will's tournament baseball team!
[I gave the parents a choice of team block or baseball script; I chose the script for Will, b/c I'll also do his football helmet this fall, and that will be block. :-) Also, all of the helmets but one are black, so the silver looks great; I did the black for Andrew's white helmet.]

This may be the project I'm most excited about, (even more than my tea pitcher! ;-)) These I will absolutely be selling!!! [BTW - until I get these vinyl designs up on LaLa's Girls, if you ever want anything, just email me! :-)]


  1. Love the helmet idea!

    Might have to see if my daughter wants one for her baseball helmet! She's playing in the Fall and Spring this year! :)

  2. Awesome!!! :-) Just FB me whenever, if she does. :-)

    Covering your fam in prayers of comfort, esp. tomorrow. <3

  3. Can I say in love???????

  4. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!? I am so overwhelmed with ideas, I can hardly stand it. No clue how to organize it all simply into LaLa's Girls like I did bows & shirts...SO MANY IDEAS!!!

  5. Those look fabulous! I'm sure the kids are over the moon excited to have personalized helmets!


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