Summer Reading

Our library doesn't have a traditional summer reading program this year. They've got a few storytimes & activities, but they don't have any "read this many books, get this reward" incentives. No prob: we still picked up the official reading logs, and I told the kids that the library is having the parents get their own kids rewards that they will *really* like this year, instead. This provides me with the PERFECT excuse to give Annelise the Pandora-style [but waaay less $$$] bracelet I started for her in Charleston at the Market! (It's too big of a deal to just say, "Happy Thursday, Honey!" but I can't wait til Christmas! :-D) She got a beautiful silver jewelry box for her birthday, and since then, she's talked about "nice jewelry" to put in it. :-) Will won't be left out - he's got a list a mile long with his bday on the horizon. :-P They are so proud of their reading logs!



  1. OOOOO pandora bracelet! I got one for my birthday from my parents and my sister bought charms for it (a little girl and a little boy representing my niece and nephew and a heart in the middle)... I absolutely adore mine!

  2. I'll take pics when I give it to her! :-) I started one for myself & already have 15 beads for it - too many beautiful, awesome, cheap choices! - but I just started Annelise with 6: a purple crystal dragonfly, a pink purse, ballet shoes, a silver giraffe, a green & pink flower glass bead, and a Cinderella carriage! :-D (Mine is more beads than charms, b/c I hate silver jewelry on me, so I wanted lots of gold & color. :-))


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