Ultimate List of Cheers

So, who's the sucker mom who has volunteered to coach cheerleading, again, this year? Yeah, don't pretend any of y'all are the least bit surprised. ;-) I talked to the director today and was really encouraged by his answers to my scheduling & program questions, so I'm in. My BFF Jackie made the best point re: coaching - I would be horrified if Annelise got a sub-par mom for a coach. At this age, what's important is learning teamwork and spirit, and I know I can deliver that, maybe better than a younger champion stunter who would love to do more with these little girls physically than they're quite capable of.

Am I trying to relive my old glory days? What, you mean these?
[Boy's Club cheering, circa mid-80's]

Oh, sooo glorious. :-P

Well, yeah - actually they were. It was such innocent fun - not very competitive, great bonding with girlfriends, and it made us feel like little rockstars. That's my M.O. - I am all about super spirit! ...And I also want to ensure - in this day of Toddlers & Tiaras and Dance Moms [I admit, 2 of my most guilty TV pleasures, but only b/c they make me feel so incredibly rational & with it! :-D] - that *my* kid is not going to be out there provocatively shaking her pre-lady bits like a tart when she has no idea what it means to the adults who will be watching, you know? I love the idea of having control over the cheers that she'll learn; there are some trashy ones out there, and no - they are NOT "cute" for little girls who don't get the double entendre. Am I alone thinking little girls have enough attitude & sass on their own? :-D

The director actually mentioned that they were going to revamp their cheer list, and I jumped on that like white on rice! I spent hours pouring over cheers last year and came up with what I think is an awesome list, so I told him I'd email it over. He responded within 5 minutes that it was fantastic, and they may use the whole thing. (Gold star for me! :-P) When I made this list last year, we wanted a lot of shorter ones, so the youngest girls could learn them quickly, we wanted NO questionable/suggestive words or movements, and we didn't want them to focus a lot on specific team names, since the squad was always cheering for a different team each game.

Do any of you "retired" cheerleaders remember some of your old cheers? (I put a couple of mine back on this list! :-D) Current cheer moms, what are your girls' favorites? Do a hurkey down memory lane with me, and give me MORE!!!

[x = clap]

We're up for the challenge and glad you're here.
We wish you luck; now ready, set, cheer!

Hey everybody, the battle has begun, Lee County Football, two thousand and eleven! [“uh-leh-vun” to rhyme “begun”]

Roll it [roll poms in front], shake it [shake poms out to the side in a T], victory [high V], let’s take it! [arms in]

Hey, Hey football fans, Yell it out and rock the stands,
Go red, go black, go red, go black

Who rocks the house? Our team rocks the house,
And when our team rocks the house,
We rock it all the way down.

Big G! Little O! Go team, go!

Split the V, Dot the I, Roll the C, T‐O‐R‐Y

T‐E‐A‐M, Teamwork, Teamwork

1‐ We are cheerleaders [or the team name],
2‐ A little bit louder, 3‐ I still can’t hear you,
4‐ More, more, more (repeat)

Let’s go players [or team name]. Let’s go!

Players! xx Dig in! Go Fight Win!

L-E-T-S-G-O! That’s the way we spell let’s go! Let’s go! Hey, hey let’s go!

We’re dynamite, we’re dynamite, and if you play with dynamite, it goes tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick BOOM, DYNAMITE! xx BOOM, DYNAMITE!

T-A-K-E, Take that ball away.

Go! Go! G-O! Go team go!

Hold! Hold that line! Defense, do it!

What do we want? TD! What’s that? Touchdown!

First and ten, xx Do it again!

Let’s score, Let’s score, We want six more!

A‐W‐E xx S‐O‐M‐E xx awesome, awesome, awesome are we

Be aggressive, be-ee aggressive B‐E‐A‐G‐G‐R‐E‐S‐S‐I‐V‐E

Hey hey, What do ya say?, Let's go team!

Action, action, we want action, A‐C‐T‐ xx I‐O‐N!

S‐C‐O‐R‐E, Score Team Score!

Spirit is the key, We're pumping it up for a victory!

A‐T‐T‐A‐C‐K the boys are back,
A‐T‐T‐A‐C‐K and ready to attack

Push em’ back, push em’ back, Way back!

We are T-O-U-G-H...tough! Tough!
We are R-O-U-G-H...rough! Rough!
We are tough and rough and had just about enough!

Hey, let's fire it up! Say hey let's fire it up! xx

We've got the power to, we've got the power to, we've got the power to, push through! [or “beat you”]

We’re big, B-I-G, We’re bad, B-A-D, we’re big, we’re bad, we’re victory bound, gonna stomp that team right to the ground.

Hey (insert a cheerleader’s name) Hey what?
Hey (repeat name) Hey what?
Show us how to get down. No way.
Show us how to get down. Okay.

D-O-W-N and that’s the way she gets down.
D-O-W-N and that’s the way she gets down.

When we say number, you say one! Number, one, number, one!
When we say victory, you say now! Victory, now, victory, now!
When we say spirit, you say got it! Spirit, got it, spirit, got it!
When we say go fight, you say win! Go fight, win, go fight, win!

We are proud of you. Say, we are proud of you! xx

*Let me say, I realized I have cheer to thank for me being able to spell "awesome", "aggressive", "attack", "victory", and "Let's go!" Not that I [probably ;-)] wouldn't have figured it out on my own eventually, but to this day, I still chant these out cheer-style in my head when I have to spell them. :-D


  1. THis is my most fav post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking of cheering, does our making the squad come on?

  2. Heehee! YAY!!! I cannot WAIT to see Isabella when she gets into this stuff!!! I haven't seen our show, but I bet there won't be a season this year, since the NFL lockout put everything on hold until this week. :'(

    You need to share your fave cheers with me, too!!!!!!!

  3. My FAVORITE one of all time is "Who rocks the House"....I felt like a rockstar while "rocking it all the way down"

  4. I felt the SAME WAY!!!!! :-D Do you remember any *good* Boy's Club cheers I missed? I specifiy "good" b/c we had some stinkers. Who on earth let us cheer: "Kick, the ball, right over the goal! I said now kick, the ball, right over the goal! My name is Susie! I am a Falcon! I like to jam, and rock, and party around the clock! I want to kick that football, for what? A touchdown!" NOOOOO WAY would I EVER let my girl sound like a MORON for saying she wants to kick for a touchdown!!! :-D


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