Owling Away the Blahs

I woke up in a royal funk Friday. Even Zumba didn't perk me up. We had lunch & pool plans with my friend, Laura, and I pre-warned her we had some major cheerleading work to do.

Sooooo, what better way to shake your blahs than to be RIDICULOUS in PUBLIC??? The girl (ahem, *me*) who recently said, "That planking stuff is SO DUMB," laughed her derrière off playing around like a kid Friday. Silly fun that totally brightened my day!!! Special thanks to Sissy's adoptive baby, Sparkle - a downtown Albany turtle on display in front of the county government building, for letting us roll & perch all over her.

[Annelise wanted to plank, too!]

[My fave owling shot :-P]

The fun continued at our house in our backyard...
[On our REEEEEALLY HIGH backyard pool wall!!! An owling feat!]

Then the kids wanted to jump over our heads:
And by the end of the afternoon, I was THAT happy! :-D


  1. Too Cute! Glad your day got better and Laura was there to cheer you up!!


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