Christmas Presents & Kid Collections

JB had to go back to work in Georgia, again, after breakfast...

But he left me (& moochy Sis ;-)) with one of my FABULOUS Christmas presents:
a HEATED throw blanket!
My heat-addict-self has spent a good portion of this quiet, chilly day underneath. :-) JB also gave me a Double Belgian Waffle Maker (the professional kind that flips & makes really deep squares, but also does TWO big waffles at a time!) Whole grain chocolate chip waffles are my FAVORITE breakfast ever! What all did YOU get?

Will & Sis got to give (& receive) a Christmas present today with their neighbor BFF here, Kendall:
They are ALL *obsessed* with the cute, colorful, little hand sanitizers & carriers from Bath & Body Works. (NO Purell! That is NOT cool! :-D) Sissy's obsession started this summer, and apparently she is more of a trendsetter than we ever knew, b/c every "older girlfriend" of hers in elementary school up here collects, trades, and is utterly fixated upon them. I have to say, if the kids are going to become infatuated with trading & collecting something, I'm really good with these! #1 - They're cheap, (33¢ up to a couple dollars.) #2 - They smell good w/o making a mess. #3 - If they're going to trade them with random people, at least we're not bringing their germs in with it! :-D Does this fun B&BW sanitizer craze extend to any of your homes, as well?