Spirit of Christmas Parade

This morning we enjoyed our local "Spirit of Christmas" Parade! Bless his heart, JB (surely sarcastically? ...right?) let his yankee flag fly: "Christmas parade? Who has *Christmas* parades?" HA!!! Every town in the South, b/c there's no threat of snow!!! :-P [FWIW, I wouldn't want to watch any parade outside up north in December, either! :-D] I was excited to see what this one would be like, b/c my tiny hometown's parade was & still is HUGE: it runs over 2.5 miles and lasts well over 3 hours. I had to tell him about how my friend Caroline & I actually got to lead the whole parade in with the welcome banner when I was in 6th grade. I felt like the biggest celebrity!!! (I'm sending my mom on an attic quest to find a pic!)

Today was a gorgeous sunny Southern December day in the 60's - festive but not freezing. :-) The Marine Corps Band led it off:

(Yes, Annelise is wearing her Tiny Miss pageant tiara. Her pageant didn't sponsor a float in this parade, but we told her she could wear her crown, anyway! :-D Then we saw the Junior Miss winner in her own convertible and thought, "SHOOT!" We could've had Sis in her own car! Oh well. :-P)

I really like the local high school band. Jamie's daughter, Vicki, plays the clarinet, so we had to yell for her! :-P

They are a big band, just like ours was in high school. (I was a chorus geek, not a band nerd, but our band was a HUGE DEAL. They were selected to march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland our sophomore year and came in 2nd out of 11 of the best bands there in the world!) The drumline cadence sends me right back to football Friday nights...

Will's ultimate highlight was this train/truck! He went nuts!!!

Oh! And this was the coolest: CSA reenactors stopped right in front of us and fired off a musket volley!

The big hoopla this year was over country music star Luke Bryan, who was born & lived here through college. He came back to be in the parade this year. [Last year's big local celeb was baseball star Buster Posey, also born & raised right here. This town is TEE-TINY - who on earth is going to get famous real fast from here next, so they'll have someone big next year? :-P :-D]

Will & Sis weren't that impressed by Luke Bryan: "That guy's famous? Why???" :-P

Now Santa, on the other hand? They went NUTS a la "Elf" - "SANTA! SANTAAAAAAAAA!!!"


  1. I hate we missed the parade but Brody was too sick to go. I was really excited about seeing the small town gathering!!!!

  2. Bless both of y'all's hearts! :'(


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