"The Pirates of Presents"

Tonight was Annelise's Montessori Christmas show, "The Pirates of Presents". (Unfortunately, there was no Gilbert and Sullivan score, no version of the Major-General's Song. That would have been hysterical! ;-)) It was adorable, though. They all recited a reeeally long version of A Pirate's Night Before Christmas and sang a few songs with a bit of pirate lingo tossed in.

Here are their individual parts. (Annelise comes in at 0:54)

As always, I love how much she loves "being in shows". :-D

[Yeah, tonight was also supposed to be my Junior League Christmas Party...but when this show got scheduled for the exact same time? Well, adult girl time fun had to be sacrificed...for now. :-P]


  1. So cute that you got her flowers! I still remember my parents bringing me flowers after concerts and dance recitals.

  2. Well, we *HAD* to, b/c I forgot to get her flowers for her dance recital two days earlier! (She was holding her friend's flowers in our family pic! Wah, wah!!!) It *DID* make her sparkle & feel so special, though. :-) My mom always got me flowers, too, for every play I did. :-)


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