Manifestation of SAHM Guilt

Behold the ridiculous manifestation of SAHM guilt...

*WHY* did I volunteer to make icing for & assemble FIVE gingerbread houses (instead of just Annelise's, & after making our own from scratch this past weekend) for her Montessori to decorate on Thursday??? (Which - PS - means I have to keep the rest of the icing fresh & sealed until then, too.) "I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I should have the time, right?" :-P And how is it that the kits Montessori pre-bought are a bigger pain than mine from scratch???

*Focusing on being a blessing & helping out...*

OK, whine fest is over. :-P I got them all finished tonight, so now I'm moving on to rockstar adulation! :-D


  1. All I can glue is your friend!!! LOL You are a good Mommy to do this and I know the kiddos will love it. Maybe next year they can do snow houses...which even the youngest can do on their own. You just cover milk cartons with foil and glue to a foil covered paper plate then let the little ones cover entirely with canned white icing and decorate with candies, mints and teddy grahams...they turn out so cute!

  2. This is apparently a tradition at this Montessori. [Plus, Michelle - you would NEVER hot glue a gingerbread house, would you??? Ewwww! I want to eat all of mine! :-D] I just won't be such an eager volunteer next time. ;-)


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