Family Pics & Christmas Morning

I have a ton of family photos to share!

First off, behold our family trip to...wait for it...the NASCAR Hall of Fame! :-D [Yay for being a native of Concord, NC! ;-)]

Will thrilled to pieces to be *THE BIG WINNER* :-)

We also did another cheapo (Portrait Innovations), 20-minute-total (quick is key) family photo session this year while we had everyone (my & my brother's fam) together:
It's a sweet new tradition. (Next year, we're going with light colors, after two years of dark. :-P)


Will thinks Christmas morning is AWESOME!!!

"Oh, sweet Tic Tacs in our stockings..." #easytoplease

Annelise loves this doll! She's also excited for the FIVE Dollie & Me outfits (a la Zulily) that she and this girl will now completely match in! :-D

Will was really excited for FIVE big stuffed Angry Birds. What about you & your kids?

Sis & my Grandmommy (she's 99! ♥ )


  1. The picture of Will giving the two-thumbs-up looks exactly like John. It's like a miniature version of him! Always fun to see parents' expressions and personality traits reflected in their kids (well, the good ones... :P).


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