Gelish: Princess Tiara

My mommy got me one of the Gelish colors I asked her for for Christmas: "Princess Tiara" [I PROMISE I didn't only want it b/c of the name! :-D That was a serendipitous coincidence.] It looks a lot like one of my fave old OPI colors, "Do You Lilac It?" Purple is my favorite color, but I was also so drawn to this one b/c while it's fun purple in some light, it also has neutral tones of grey & taupe in others. I love that it can be funky & flashy, then a bit neutral & reserved all in one color - esp. fab when it's Gelish and you wear it for ~3 weeks at a time! :-) This is a solid opaque color with no metallic shimmer. [I know - no glitter sounds like the anti-me. Even my French mani pink ("Light Elegant") has a silver shimmer in it; but that's another thing I like about this: it's different for me.]

I did two layers (the least I've needed to do of any color!) of just "Princess Tiara" on my fingers, and then two layers of "Princess Tiara" and one of "Bronzed" [a small warm gold glitter] on my toes. Pleased as punch!


  1. Purple is my favorite color too...our master suite/bathroom is floor-to-ceiling lilac, which thankfully my Dear Husband tolerates. Our wedding "colors" were navy and lilac. :)

  2. Ooo, I love navy & lilac together!!! The last home we owned, we painted the downstairs powder room lilac with a metallic pewter ceiling; I *WILL* copy it exactly in the next house we buy! :-D

  3. Our curtains are navy in our suite too...apparently I didn't think too hard when coming up with the wedding colors. My (and my mom's) favorite flower is the lilac, and my favorite time of the year is "lilac season". I liked pink when I was little, but then I flipped the switch to purple in mid-elementary school, and never went back.

    However, I rarely *wear* purple of any shade...I tend to prefer blue.


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