Life in a Pic & Silhouette Desks

This was from FB Wednesday, but it's just a too-perfect slice of life not to share:
My life on Wednesday in a nutshell: I never thought I'd want my northern BFF (heat dish) in south Georgia, but I broke it out of storage to keep me from cutting on the house heat. I ♥ it! Now notice the tower fan by Annelise that JB *STILL* aims at his section of the couch daily. :-P How's that for dichotomy? :-D I will now combat any errant air flow with my OWN temp! Also: dog on my lap, kids loving their new homework trays I made them, wrapped presents under tree, & better-than-last-year weather forecast = happiness!

So, now to those homework desks that generated all the FB buzz! Details, as promised:
The kids love doing their homework & eating snacks in our family room; that makes a lot of sense, b/c we don't have a kitchen table in this house - only our huge formal dining room table directly connected to the kitchen, but on the opposite side of "all the action". To be in the "casual living" area, they're either on stools at the counter or on the family room floor. TV trays are expensive (although I think we would get a TON of use out of a nice dark cherry wooden set; maybe one day) and they're not quite as portable as these cute ones: less than $10 (WAAAY less with the 40% off coupon!) at Hobby Lobby, and they stack completely on top of each other. I used my Silhouette with vinyl to personalize each one - the personalization alone at regular gift shops costs up to $15 per name with basic fonts!!! Will's favorite thing on earth is trains, so for his, I just used this train font that incorporates train cars in the characters = perfectly awesome. So *SPOILER ALERT* - anyone who invites us to a kid's bday party in the near future (like Maddie next week :-D) is probably getting one of these. They are certainly going into my standard gift rotation. :-)