Montessori Parents' Night

Annelise had Montessori Kindergarten Parents' Night on Thursday evening:
(Here she is showing us how to play "The Logical Adjective Game" - matching up nouns like "building" & "food" with logical adjectives like "tall" and "yummy".)

She got to sing her super fave "50 States" song:

And recited a poem about Christopher Columbus and the ABC's of Happiness.

I. Love. This. School.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am getting a "Connection Lost" message on this post for the second picture/video.

  2. Thanks, Leslie! It's working fine for me, but good to know. :-)

  3. It's working for me now too. (Guess my computer was a little angry at me. lol That's what happens when you write and type an entire research paper in ONE day!) :)

    Your kids are BEAUTIFUL! The next time you get up this way, I'd love to see you and meet the kids!


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