Two! Two! Two Santas in One [Night]!

How about TWO Santa lap visits in one night? What a way to celebrate St. Nicholas Day! :-P

Our pediatrician hosted their annual Winter Wonder event last night:
We felt happy supporting the Lily Pad with our toy donations, and the kids really flipped over Santa and sweet Mrs. Claus:

[BTW: notice SHORT SLEEVES in the Santa pics!!! A cold front swooped through today, and we may even have frost tomorrow morning, but last night? 80°F even after dark! I didn't even bring a jacket! I was in HEAVEN: DREAMY BEYOND WORDS...]

They had cookies & milk, balloon animals, and REAL REINDEER!!!

After the pediatrician's, we went to our 2nd Christmas party of the evening: Merry Member's Night at the Flint RiverQuarium. [I couldn't believe both events were scheduled for the same night, but they were both 100% FREE, and each had something different to offer - except for overlapping Santas ;-) so we went for it!] I explained before we went either place that both would have different Santas, but you never know when you're with the real one or one of his helpers, b/c since he's an angel, he can be anywhere anytime God wants him to be. :-) The magical thing was that they gave their full hearts to both - whichever one they were in the presence of was THE REAL one in that moment. Precious:
Santa gave them HUGE special free gifts!!! Really nice kids' RiverQuarium mugs and pencils = majorly impressed. After Santa's lap, they made pop-up Santa crafts and ornaments:

We gorged on cookies, brownies, cream puffs, cheesecake, chex mix, grapes, and red velvet cupcakes before going through the rest of the RiverQuarium. :-) I feel incredibly blessed that we were invited to these two free & fabulous events and that we made the effort to go to both.