Carolina Christmas Day 2012

Santa was so good to us for a SECOND TIME on Tuesday morning! :-D

My mom circumvented my "no tracks or big toys to take up space on the floor" caveat with a Hotwheels Wall Track for Will. :-P (Yes, that monster will have to be shipped back to TX. ;-) And she can come move it to the next TX house in 18 months! :-P)

Annelise's ultimate Christmas dream of the new American Girl, Caroline, came true:
[Sooo excited that a historical doll actually looks just like her! :-D Bonus!]

Will also got a case to hold 100 of his Hotwheels:

Rolling in the paper with cousin Matthew:

And Annelise also got new Dollie & Me outfits for her and Caroline to match! (Yes, Flamingo will be sharing this wardrobe, too ;-))

We are lucky ducks, twice over!!! Oooo! And guess what *I* got Tuesday??? Moroccanoil shampoo, conditioner, & light oil!!! Happy Christmas to my locks! :-D

What were your favorite gifts overall, given & received? I can't wait to get a couple massages after teaching Zumba now at the spa inside my gym! I'm thrilled to smell like Stella right now, that our house will smell like my fave B&BW Fresh Bamboo, that I had a gift card for a Sbux venti 8-pump chai latte with no water this morning, and that I get to choose which Gelish color to do on my nails next: Up in the Air, Jet Set, Sweet Chocolate, or Izzy Wizzy?