Hard Water Hair Repair

Ah, the saga of my hair! Actually, that's a bit misleading: my Rapunzel-esque hair is probably the least fussy thing about me. I only have to wash it twice a week, I never blow it dry, and I never use any styling products or irons on it. Ever. I wash, comb through, air dry, and done. The dramatic length is what makes an impact, so I don't need to manipulate it further; and not treating it harshly is what keeps it so long, strong, and healthy with almost rubber band-like elasticity...

...That is, until we moved to Texas this summer. Y'all, I have found ONE thing I hate about it here: the water is AWFUL! Not for drinking - it tastes fine - but the shower is a nightmare. Our shower glass is FOREVER covered in major hard water stains, even one shower after I've cleaned (we're not investing in a water softener while leasing) and oh, my battle with conditioner... The first time I washed my hair here, I used my standard 3 pumps of Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner; after it air dried, I ran my fingers through and flipped out: "Omigosh - did I forget to rinse out my conditioner?!" I tried once more. Same thing. :-/ I used way less. Same thing. :-( So I gave up using conditioner altogether, b/c I just couldn't ever get it out. (I always thought soft water made it harder to rinse? Water-softened water feels slimey on my skin, but I've never had this conditioner prob. I just want NORMAL water! :-D)

I got my annual four-inch haircut (I like keeping it to my elbows :-)) last week and had a tête-à-tête with the stylist. [Yes, I know I should have sought advice & remedy for this months ago, but you know life happens, and suddenly the weeks have melted away before your eyes.] Apparently, the cry of hard water hair damage is standard around these parts, esp. with all the new people who have moved in from other states. I need a much lighter conditioner (my beloved-for-a-decade Bed Head Dumb Blonde is actually a thick mask, hence my former superior hair health & elasticity) for the next year and a half in this house. [In my recent googling, I also just found this! A $20 shower head filter from Home Depot! Yes, please!!!] In the meantime, I need some major assistance repairing the massive damage that has been done to my precious locks. They are now dry and brittle, and the breakage terrifies my still-wanting-to-be-Rapunzel-self. (I'm going to rock this long hair for as long as I can pull it off, and since I look like a college kid, I'm not making Locks of Love plans any time soon! :-P)

I have three sweet friends (2 in NC, 1 in IL) who are also stylists, so I asked their advice re: products, b/c I knew they wouldn't try to up-sell me something only stocked in their salons. They all - without talking to each other - independently & emphatically cheered:
Then a ton of my FB friends and even my brother's wife chimed in: MOROCCANOIL!!!!! The *REAL* Moroccanoil is only sold in salons, and luckily, the closest salon to me that carries it had a "stocking stuffer size" special, so I could buy and try it, w/o forking over the $$$$$ for the full-size. I bought the Moroccanoil® Treatment Light, as it's more for fine & light hair = me. Y'all, my girls were NOT KIDDING. This stuff is every bit the elixir of repair it is purported to be; I'm ready for the regular size. I also really want to use the Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner (sulfate-free!!!) and to try one of the masks, although I need to know which would be better for what's going on with me: Restorative or Weightless Hydrating?

Yep. I get the hype. And now I just have to get my healthy hair back! (B/c we are NOT LEAVING TEXAS! :-D)

[No, Moroccanoil did not compensate me in any way for this glowing post...although I will GLADLY accept any ambassadorship they would like to bestow upon me! ;-)]


  1. Me two! I've been using it for a couple of weeks now, along with the curl defining cream, and I love it! :)
    If you aren't using one already, try drying the hair with a microfiber towel as well, instead of a regular one. At least for me with curly hair, it makes such a difference against brittle hair!


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