Dream December Temps

The December of my dreams... ♥ Any Texans who were wishing for a blast of cold can blame me: these are my prayers being answered!

I was so thankful I could feel it was warmer yesterday, right when I first got out from under the covers w/o shivering even a little (why is our master always the coldest room in our houses?) and that we could walk comfortably (above 60°F) to school Friday morning. :-) Earlier this week was such a pain to dress the kids: 40's at drop off = freezing & driving to school; 70's at pick up = lovely walking. I hate layering. :-P Poor Annelise even got cold bumps all over her face Tuesday morning: I drove them to school, but we had to wait outside for a couple minutes until 8 AM. I was so crushed that her face broke out that fast, but I used it for good: I marched her right into the school nurses' office and showed them this is what cold urticaria looks like; she's not sick, it's a physical histamine reaction to the cold air. No, warming her up won't make it go away faster; it'll just stop it from getting worse. The measles-like rash will fade in about an hour, so please don't call me to come pick her up, b/c she's not contagious, and I'm going to yoga at the gym. :-D Bless her heart - I know Annelise was self-conscious, and I wished I could make it disappear; but I reassured her it was really fine (thank goodness she didn't see a mirror!) and she went on to class.

For those who have asked, yeah...it's getting worse. The first time we ever saw any symptoms was March 2010: she had a little rash a few times she played outside in the snow at school in IL, but who would EVER guess cold was the cause? It wasn't until that next December (exactly two years ago) that I figured it out. I know it's worse now, b/c we had to live daily in windy weather under 60°F up north, and it took more than just what we felt Tuesday to trigger it. The reaction isn't itchy to her, but it does scare me, b/c while she hasn't had any breathing problems from it before, if it's getting worse...??? I want be to super vigilant monitoring & protecting her.

But anyway, the whole point of this isn't "boo hoo cold bumps", but THANK GOD FOR SENDING US TO WONDERFULLY WARM TEXAS! :-) We'll be living here FOREVER!!! :-)


  1. We are also enjoying some unseasonably warm temps here in coastal South Carolina. Glad you're loving that Texas weather!!

  2. So sorry to hear that Annelise's condition has gotten worse, but so glad you're in about the warmest part of the country to minimize it affecting her.

  3. That's the blessing, for sure: at least we have to worry about it less here than anywhere else we've lived! :-)


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