Gingerbread Houses 2012

I've mentioned before, I have the now-discontinued & "collectible" Pampered Chef Stoneware Gingerbread House Mold:
My cousin gave it to us before we even had kids, and it's now become an annual tradition for us - and for a couple of the kids' friends these last four years. The kids always cheer that it's the BEST playdate EVER!!! And *I* love that it gives me the BEST excuse EVER to get rid of allllll their leftover Halloween candy! :-D

Gingerbread Houses 2012: pre-décor

Roofs done!

Rabid children with their masterpieces:


  1. Hi! This is off topic, but I think you listen to Contemporary Christian music and my husband is just starting to, so I was hoping you could give me a suggestion for a good CD to buy him for a gift! Any ideas? Thanks, Ashley Thelen

  2. Brilliant idea for using Halloween candy! Must stash that in my brain file for future reference... :)


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