So, yes - I think the date 12.12.12 is super cool, but I wasn't going to post about it specifically (it's not like it's "magic" :-P or means anything to me, personally) until I saw this:

It's from the cultural FB page for Würzburg - the town I lived in in Germany: an old postcard from December 12th, 1912 that says, "If you want to write a card like this, again, you'll have to wait 100 years!" My favorite part is that old Würzburg *still* looks EXACTLY like the design on the front!

Here's a pic from this week, even:

The weird thing is, not that I was alive, but 1912 doesn't seem *that* long ago. (My Grandmommy was born April 18, 1912!)


  1. That is a great card! And 1912 doesn't seem that long ago to me, either, and I certainly wasn't around then, too!


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