Church Shopping

Sunday was our explore-on-our-own day in our new area. Since we had all day free, (Realtor was scheduled for Monday morning,) we decided to try out a church. Which one was an easy choice: the church who made the movies "Fireproof" & "Facing the Giants" is right there, and one of the brothers who authored "The Love Dare" was preaching that morning! This was pretty cool for us - we Netflixed "Facing the Giants" two years ago, thinking it was just a football movie & were so pleasantly surprised. Cheesy, but one I can't wait to show Will. Then we went through "The Love Dare" with our beloved Naperville church, and it was one of the most reinvigorating things we've ever done for our marriage. It was so special to me to get to try this church, who had already touched us years before.

The sermon (on prayer) was wonderful! It was surprisingly comfortable & friendly for a "megachurch" (it's a relatively "small" one w/ 2,000 members; but I've never been big on the mega idea before,) and it would be amazing to get to be involved there when their latest movie comes out this Sept. My only reservation was the music: the congregation sang TWO songs. That's it. And there were only 4 total. If I can definitely get on Praise Team there, great; but I'm not sure what that selection process is with such a big church, and truly, I don't know if I can deal with that little singing. We'll see. This church shopping thing is just so new to me; we've never had to before, always getting instantly plugged in with MOPS. It's a new season for us in so many ways!


  1. Should we begin preparing our "I knew her when" speeches for when you star in their next movie? They also have another movie.... it's called "Flywheel". You should see it too! :)

  2. Ha!!! I *WISH*!!!!!! If we were there a year earlier, maybe I could have been in this new one; but I doubt we'll be there long enough for the next one. How amazing, though...


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