Good Girls Get Crêpes

This week, the really-big-deal(that-I-really-don't-care-about) North American International Auto Show began here. JB was dying to go today, and I wanted to get a ride into the city to go to an amazing restaurant that a friend recommended: Good Girls Go to Paris Crêpes. (I mean, does that sound like heaven, or what???) Will actually did have school today (MLK Jr. Day) so JB, Annelise, & I piled in the car after Will got on the bus and headed downtown.

I have to say, even though I have no emotion for cars whatsoever, I'm glad I can say now that I've gone. (We only lived here 3 different times! :-P) And I'm especially glad I got to go with JB!!! Annelise had fun...

And I decided, even though I don't want one, that Porsches are the best-looking convertibles, hands down.

After the auto show, we did go to lunch at Good Girls Go to Paris Crêpes! [Yay for marital compromise!!! ;-)] It was A.MAZ.ING!!!! Here's their menu. CELESTE (ROAST BEEF, BRIE, CRANBERRIES) was THE *BEST* EVER!!! I reeeeeeeeally also wanted PASCALLE (CHEVRE, FIG JAM) but they were out of the fig jam. :'( We also got JEANETTE (PROSCIUTTO, FRESH MOZZARELLA, TOMATOES, OLIVE OIL, HERB DE PROVENCE) and CLAIRE (CHICKEN, BROCCOLI, COTSWOLD CHEESE) - all divine!!! I was going to get a dessert one - LIZ (STRAWBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, NUTELLA) - after we finished, but I was soooo full, I just couldn't. So wonderful... Crêpes take me right back to living in Europe...


  1. Okay, I'm drooling! I so love crepes and there's nowhere around here that specializes in them!

    I had the best crepes when my husband and traveled to San Francisco several years ago - although I'm sure they probably don't compare to French ones!

    Glad you got to try the restaurant!


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