Refreshed Singing

I love being at home with my family, but in looking for a positive to the end of vacay, I did find one big one: I got my contemporary Christian music [CCM] back in the car. You know how many people crave a glass (or bottle) of wine to relax, unwind, & calm down? Well, singing CCM does that for me! I can't explain it, (like most God things, I guess :-)) but there is just ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that helps calm me down & press reset on my life like that. I don't dictate car music, unless I'm driving, (& I'm not a music-at-home listener on an iPod) so I didn't get much spiritual rejuvenation over the break. Not that it was bad!!! Don't get me wrong! But I just felt like I was walking around with a growing weight on me, unable to release tension until I got to sing it out, again.

Even though the iTrip I was counting on when we moved here has turned out to be a bust for reliably listening to my CCM radio station in the car through my iPhone, (it spazzes out after 4 minutes & switches to my iPod songs all on fast forward by itself) I've had remarkable luck the last two days streaming a signal & being able to hear it just on its own while I drive. (We currently live in a total CCM black hole. So, so sad.) I hadn't tried much, again, (after the iTrip spazz) before break, b/c from Thanksgiving on, I played Christmas carols; and before that, I played a CD of whatever I would be singing on Sundays so I could get it perfect. I'm not singing next week, though, & Christmas is over, so I get to try to go back to my KLOVE. I was apprehensive at first - there is NOTHING so irritating as wanting technology to work reliably & then have it repeatedly cut out for no reason. (I wish the fix were as cheap & easy as getting another corkscrew!!!) I would even think to myself, "God, why can't You make this work? I want to connect with You down here!!!" :-P But the last two days have been so refreshing! I am so thankful for the steady signal & fresh songs, (and I'm praying that it lasts...) I know one day God will send us back to a place that actually GETS a CCM radio station on its own, so I don't have to go through all this.