This Monday morning when I got on Facebook, look at what greeted me in my newsfeed:
Annelise is the Just Baked cupcake bakery Fan of the Week! They have a weekly photo contest, and I sent this pic of her in last July - what a winter surprise, huh?! Not only is she their "face" on FB this week, but we also win six free cupcakes!!!

My sweet new friend Michelle also bestowed upon me this cute blog award. We share a passion for all things Southern - esp. Charleston - and I promise I am going to read the book I won from her SOON! (It's next on my list, but hey - I read FOUR books all last year, and that's more than I've read in the last four years total! ;-) :-P I *am* excited for it, though!)

So as a part of this, I'm also supposed to share 7 things about myself:

1. I hate spending money...except when it comes to eating out. It's my biggest financial vice.
2. I was a national anthem singer for Charlotte's hockey team during their championship 1995-96 season. The game crowds I sang before were of almost 10,000 people! (Odd but true: the bigger the crowd, the less nervous I am.)
3. I make a point of watching the headlines at the top of the hour on the "Today" show and on "NBC Nightly News" every single day, if I'm near a TV. If I miss it, I feel uninformed and out of touch.
4. I am insanely punctual. It's not that I'm never late (kids make that impossible!) but if I am late, I am freaking out over it. I am obsessed with getting places on time, and I am a speed demon getting out of the house.
5. If I were on "The Next Food Network Star", my culinary point-of-view would be salty sweet. My favorite flavors on meat are teriyaki & barbeque, I love pairing fruit & cheese, I adore kettle corn, etc.
6. I have danced my whole life, but I CANNOT do gymnastics. Not even a cartwheel.
7. I am ENFP. What are you?


  1. Congratulations - what a precious picture of your daughter!! Enjoy the cupcakes (which is kind of like eating out for free ;)

  2. How fun for Annelise (and you, since I assume she will share...)! I'm curious how you will like the book you won--you'll have to give us an update!

    I stress over being late, too. Yet, somehow, I am always late. I hate it. I try to remember it's not the end of the world, but I just feel that it is so rude. And I hate being rude :(

    dear hubby and I just recently took the Myers Briggs personality test, too. We are complete opposites! He is an ENFP like you, and I am an ISTJ. I think we are very complementary and balance each other out. Not that we see eye-to-eye on everything, but I have learned a lot from him and vice versa. We knew we were different, but had no idea how opposite we think/function! We got a good laugh out of reading the summaries online. Mostly because we had that odd sense of being nailed spot on! :)

  3. Tracey - you're right!!! It *IS* eating out for free!!! :-D
    Stacy - oh, she knows they're for ALL of us. ;-) And I looove Myers Briggs!!!

  4. What an adorable, adorable photo of your princess!!!! Love it!


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