Will's Work

I am utterly in love with the work Will does at school. Not his regular school work, although I am certainly proud of that, but the extra stuff he makes just for himself during snack break:

This is just a small sample, about a third of what he actually brought home today.

I threw in one of his math worksheets here, b/c he graded it (correctly!) himself, and since he got 100% (he is a math whiz!) he wrote "OSUM" [aka "AWESOME"] at the top. ♥

I love asking him what all this "stuff" he makes is. He stapled a couple rockets - he loves rockets with fire coming out of the bottom. His school mascot is also a rocket, so that gets reinforced. He has always been very into maps, and lately he's drawn lots of maps of areas around school that he & his friends have play plans for. I love that today's map has a key: playground, klasrooms, kafrtea (cafeteria), beths (benches), friue stashin (fire station), ples stashin (police station), & medkall (medical). He is totally obsessed with money, so I love the wallet he glued together, complete with faux spending money inside. He makes TONS of ships - at least 3 or 4 every day. I esp. like this one - it looks like a tank with treads & all, but he says, no - it is a ship. He brands all of his planes & ships with "USA" - I never actually taught him that, but I think it's fantastic!

I love seeing how his mind works during this independent creative free time. He also usually does lots of pictures of him & mommy, daddy, or whomever in the family with lots of hearts. ♥ We also usually get a few weekly love letter-pics to his "girlfriend". [It used to only be my parents' neighbor, Kendall; now our neighbor here, Kaylin, is in the mix; they are both older (3rd & 2nd grade) blondes. ;-) He already has a type! :-P] He likes to make lists of all his friends, too. I'm always excited to open up his backpack each day to see what extra he's done for himself.


  1. That is so awesome! It's like a little treasure chest :)

  2. love the creativity! :-) he's so precious!

  3. That's exactly what I feel like, opening it each day! :-D


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