Axxium Praise

OPI isn't compensating me in any way for this glorious review, (I wish!) but I will rave on, b/c it is rave-worthy! I just had my last Axxium manicure last for FIVE WEEKS!!! :-O I am not kidding! Proof:

I had 3 little chips on the top left corners of 3 fingers on my right hand; my left hand was pristine. The chips weren't even that noticable, even with such a dark color, b/c the tips of all the other nails were so solid. So so so impressed! The other huge bonus was how well my nails grew with this stuff on!

No breaks whatsoever, and they grew soooo looong I even had to have them cut down yesterday, b/c they had started to feel like the one time in my life I had fake nail tips (high school prom :-P) and I was starting to have trouble with small things like buttons. HA!

I went with a French manicure this time, just b/c I had looked down at "dark" for so long, and I usually never get French, b/c it always looks ratty within 36 hours. The other bonus to this is I think it will look nicer as my nail beds grow out.


  1. what exactly is an axxium manicure? Where do you get such a thing done?

  2. It's this new OPI nail polish that gets painted on with a paintbrush, and each coat (usually takes 3 to 5) gets cured for a minute under the UV light to make it hard. It's more expensive than a regular mani, but it's worth it! I actually get mine done at a local beauty school, so it's super cheap: $20. Axxium is getting to be really popular, though, so LOTS of nail places have it!

  3. What a great, long-lasting manicure! I like how the French manicure looks, too.


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