Tie Day

Will had Tie Day for spirit yesterday at school. He doesn't have any ties, (I know - a Southern sin!) Every little boy should have one; but honestly, our church is quite casual & there just aren't many tie-worthy events in his life...yet! ;-) Of the two weddings he's done, one was outdoor summer casual & for the other, he was the ring bearer in a [cute beyond words!!!] tux. Soooo, he wore one of JB's! (Which was even cuter, if you ask me!)

I'd also like to ask for prayer for the Schons family & their friends in Will's school district. Thankfully this did NOT happen at his school, but the kids are exactly Will & Annelise's ages, so I was (& still am) pretty upset when I got the notice email from the school district last night... :'(


  1. Will looks so adorable in his daddy's tie!

    So sad to hear about the tragedy. Prayers definitely going out...

  2. My boys both have to wear ties once a week to school so we have managed to gather quite a collection for them. My oldest son is now the designated tie tier as Dad is always gone by the time youngest son needs it! LOL

  3. Thank you for the prayers! Apparently the wife also had a connection to my in-laws (their families went to the same church & some siblings may have gone to school together?) Whatever the case, it's just completely heartwrenching...

    I think little boys in ties are ADORABLE!!! :-)


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