Splash Village & Winter Attack

So we got our Realtor lined up, now what next? Overnight trip to a big splashpark hotel, of course! Isn't that what everyone does in the middle of moving plans? :-P Seriously, we got a gift voucher for Christmas as an awesome winter escape before we knew we were getting out of snow jail for good. :-P This was the last weekend we could use it up here as a family of 4, so we went on!
Annelise is my girl - she wanted to spend the entire time in the hot tub! ;-) It was a really nice place, and it reminded me SO MUCH of this fun swim complex called Atoll Espelkamp (oh, memories! they have a website!!!) that we used to go to when I lived in northern Germany with a host family, (before I went on to Universität in Würzburg further south.) ♥

In other anti-winter news, my friend Liz alerted me to this very important ad. I may only have a few more weeks in snow jail, but my parole does NOT diminish my fervent agreement with this powerful piece of truth:

Every time my van wheels slip & spin beneath me, I think, "Just a few more weeks..."


  1. nice boots and coat!!!! looks like a fun weekend!

  2. Thanks, Love! I *do* adore my boots - something about the ribbon ties feels more like pointe shoes than ugly uggs. :-P

    Just updated the post with Germany memories, too. ♥ Yay for abroad nostalgia!!!

  3. I love your pointed ballerina toes in the water slide pic! :)

  4. Well not to "snow" on your parade but I heard Georgia got some major ice this winter so hopefully it won't be bad next winter for ya! I'd take the snow over the ice LOL... But I want some Chick Fil A so bad!!!! Especially their sweet tea!!! Sigh!

  5. Shelley - you are the sweetest!
    Marcie - NO SNOW where we're going! 3 hrs south of ATL got NONE of that bad winter weather. :-D And I am prepping JB for my metamorphosis into a life-sized Icedream cone...


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